BlueLab Combo Meter

BlueLab Combo Meter

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The Bluelab Combo Meter is a conductivity, pH and temperature meter all in one.

• Lightweight and portable
• Large easy to read display
• No calibration required for conductivity and temperature
• Successful pH calibration indicator
• Replaceable double junction pH probe
• Low battery indicator
• Simple push button pH calibration
• Battery operated, 2 AA batteries
• Auto off function

    Probe Tips

    • All probes are interchangeable between all Bluelab products
    • All probes carry a 6 month warranty
    • Proper hydration of ph probes is vital to maintain wick
    • All pH probes eventually need to be replaced—they can only house so much reference solution
    • KCl storage solution is required for optimum probe maintenance
    • RO water will reduce probe life